"Leslie Howard’s performance is soothing and authentic, as she guides listener’s through the various concepts and exercises that this title offers... Leslie does a particularly fantastic job of encouraging listeners throughout the title to stay an engaged participant in the text.”

     -Rinn Kraus, Findaway Voices Casting Coordinator on Boundless Awareness

"Leslie Howard’s narration is a treasure of the first and best kind. Her inflections and cadences are perfect; she becomes Hannah, and her narration allows you to feel the cold of the winter mornings as a lovely young woman walks tall." 

      -Nolan, One Frosty Christmas listener

“Leslie has the ability to paint scenes with her voice, giving form and color to an author's words. Her characterization makes it easy to understand who is speaking, and her skill at conveying the underlying emotions in dialogue make it all too easy to want to flip over to the next chapter rather than shutting it off for the night.”

     -Ian Healy, CEO Local Hero Press

“The narration is excellent.”

        -Rita Walden, Greenwood, SC, US.

         When Leaves Fall listener

“Leslie was such a pleasure to work with. She delivered brilliant quality, and the communication with her was phenomenal too. I received exactly what I asked for. Very well done! And very pleased! Would love to work with her again!”

     -Chloe Brisbane, author of Third               Eye Awakening 

Mifflintown, PA USA

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